NAAC Re-Accredited A

Affiliated to SRTM University,Nanded

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Principal’s Desk

    Dr.Shrikant Gaikwad
    I/C Principal

Saint Mahatma Basweshwar flourished in the 12th century in Karnataka. He was a great prophet, a revolutionary social reformer and thinker, a practical visionary and a great humanitarian. He was an advocate of monotheism, a mystic by temperament, an idealist by choice, a statesman by profession, a man of letters by taste, a humanist by sympathy and a social reformer by conviction.He was a pioneer in ushering in a welfare state where everybody was treated with equal respect. He fought to eradicate untouchability and to establish equality among humanity. He preached that right conduct is a heaven and work is worship. His philosophies were easily comprehendible and pragmatic. There is only one God. Compassion is the root of all religions. Treat all living beings with kindness. Don’t live for selfish and personal interests. Everyone should take up a fair and honest means of livelihood. In pursuance of his philosophies, Mahatma Basweshwar Mahavidyalaya was established in June 1970 with the motto Dnyamewam Paramjyoti (Knowledge is the only eternal light) and Kayekave Kailas (Work is Worship) realizing the importance and need of higher education to generate energetic, healthy and dynamic youth.

Education is a fundamental process. It has the capacity to shape the personality. Education means reformation. It enables person to think , to understand, to express and to improve his/her potential. Education helps students to lead the life with intellectual and moral values. Our college has been striving for the all-round development of students’ personality keeping the concept of education in view.

Mahatma Basweshwar Mahavidyalaya is one of the leading colleges in Marathwada. It is affiliated to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, accredited with B++ by NAAC. It offers Arts, Commerce, Science, Social Work and Computer courses as well as P.G. Courses in History, Sociology, Philosophy, Political science, Geography and Mathematics. It runs research centres in Geography,Philosophy,Hindi and Sociology . It also offers Family Counselling Centre, NCC and NSS. The college has left its imprint not only in the academics but in other fields also. It has produced the eminent personalities- Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Administrators, Social workers, Leaders, Teachers, Artists.who are rendering services to the nation.

Our college has a huge infrastructure with a big playground, a library, a reading room, well-equipped laboratories, hostel, spacious classrooms etc.

Most importantly, all activities conducted by our college are student-oriented. It is the centre of attraction especially for the students from the rural areas in Marathwada. We feel very proud to state that the number of girls student is more than the number of boys student.So it offers them the facilities of lodging and boarding at the moderate rate.

The college has succeeded in maintaining its reputation as one of the institutions imparting quality higher education to the learners of this region. We shape our students not only into literary individuals but also make them disciplined and responsible citizens. The college has a glorious tradition of consistent good results in H.S.C.Board examinations, University examinations, NET, SET, MHT-CET and other Competitive examinations.

As the years rolled on, our students proved their excellence in academic, cultural sports and extension activities under the able guidance of well-versed and wide-experienced teachers, expert non-teaching staff and efficient management. On the behalf of management and staff, I always welcome the students to our college.

With best wishes -

Dr. Shrikant Gaikwad
I/C Principal