NAAC Re-Accredited A

Affiliated to SRTM University,Nanded

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Mahatma Basweshwar College office is located in the Administrative Building. Shri G.K.Shete heads the administrative staff as the Office-in-charge of the college.

List of the Non-Teaching Staff
Sr.No. Name Designation Photo
1 Mr. G. K. Shete Office Incharge
2 Smt. A.M. Narwane I/C Librarian
3 Mr. A.G. Waghmare Lab. Assistant
4 Mr. G.M. Halkude Lab. Assistant
5 Mr. V.C. Lomte Junior Clerk
6 Mr. R.S. Swami Junior Clerk
7 Mr. S.S. Yerule Lab. Assistant
8 Mr. N.P. Benderge Junior Clerk
9 Mr. G.N. Dhappadule Junior Clerk
10 Smt. L.B. Chaudante Junior Clerk
11 Mr. D.G. Swami Lab. Attendent
12 Mr. V.A. Deshmane Lab. Attendent
13 Mr. M.B. Nikumbe Lib. Attendent
14 Mr. M.G. Kalbone Lib. Attendent
15 Mr. M.N. Mirkale Lab. Attendent
16 Mr. D.S. Byadge Lab. Attendent
17 Mr. G.P. Pakhare Lib. Attendent
18 Mr. R.P. Shinde Lab. Attendent
19 Mr. S.B. Sonwane Lab. Attendent
20 Mr. J.S. Yenchewad Lab. Attendent
21 Mr. Y.J. Dhormare Lab. Attendent
22 Mr. S.S.Upase Lab. Attendent
23 Mr. M.R. Kore Lab. Attendent
24 Mr. J.I. Sayyed Lab Attendent
25 Mr. D.B. Panchal Lab Attendent
26 Mr. G.T. Utage Lab. Attendent
27 Mr. S.B. Giri Lib. Attendent
28 Mr. R.N. Rathod Lib. Attendent
29 Mr. G.V. Tirmale Lab. Attendent
30 Mr. K.S. Itage Lib. Attendent
31 Mr. S.P. Swami Lib. Attendent
32 Mr.S.S.Birajdar Lab.Attendent
33 Mr. A.P. Usturge peon
34 Mr. S.N. Badgire Peon
35 Smt. V.O. Shete Peon
36 Smt. M.S. Birajdar Peon
37 Smt. A.D. Dhanawade Peon
38 Mr. M.V. Swami Peon
39 Mr. S.S. More Peon
40 Mr. A.P. Khope Peon
41 Mr. Y.O. Modi Peon
42 Mr.A.P.Shinde Peon
43 Mr.S.B.Anmulwad Peon
44 Mr. G.K. Shete Accountant
45 Mr. V.R. Utage Typist
46 Mr. N.K. Kajapure Gardian
47 Mr. J.M. Walande Guard
48 Mr. B.P. Dawkare Sweeper
49 Mr. S.T. Yenchewad Peon