NAAC Re-Accredited A

Affiliated to SRTM University,Nanded

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The college has an efficient internal coordinating and monitoring mechanism. The Management Council of Education Society has an overall control on the college activities through the President and Secretary of the institution, who frequently visit the college, take the surprise rounds, inquire into the day-to-day activities and administrative problems by sitting together with the Principal, who plans and implements the college activities for imparting effective education with the maximum efficiency of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Without the encouragement of the management it would be impossible for the college to achieve bright success in the academic as well as extra- curricular activities.

Management List
Sr.No. Name Designation Photo
1 Shri.Shivshankar Mallikarjunappa Bidve President
2 Shri.Sidramappa Nagappa Alure (Guruji) Vice President
3 Shri.Manmathappa Pandabappa Lokhande Secretary
4 Shri. Vijaykumar Nagnathappa Revadkar Joint-Secretary
5 Shri.Abhimanyu Virbhadraappa Rasure Treasure
6 Adv. Kashinath Gunvantappa Sakhare Executive Director
7 Shri.Mahadevappa Vaijinathappa Khanapure Director
8 Shri.Shivshankar Vaijnathappa Khanapure Director
9 Shri.Shivappa Tamanappa Ankalkote Director
10 Shri.Prabhuappa Shivlingappa Patne Director
11 Shri.Subhashchandra Kashinath Mande Director
12 Shri.Basweshwar Mallikarjunappa Bidve Director
13 Shri.Manmath Mallikarjunappa Yerte Director
14 Shri.Rajkumar Laxman Mande Director
15 Dr. Mahesh Virbhadrappa Halge Director