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Affiliated to SRTM University,Nanded

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“Kaykawe Kailas” i.e. “Work is Heaven” a holy vachan of Mahatma Basweshwar is the theme amongst all in this institution, which has established a system of governance, democratic functioning, humbleness, social awareness and pursuit of excellence in each activity of the college and it indicates eagerness to achieve the goals established in accordance with the mission. The healthy practices and responsibilities are inculcated among the students by .........

a ] Acquainting them with Indian constitution.
b ] Acquainting them with rights and duties of citizen.
c ] Displaying on boards the basic components to become good student.
d ] Educating them about their responsibilities towards the society.
e ] Participating in the activities like :Gutka Bandi Abhiyan”.
f ] Appealing students to keep the college campus clean.
g ] Inspiring them for substantial development, which ultimately builds healthy nation.

he college organizes two lecture series, Earn and Learn scheme, Debate - Competition, and Associations in various departments for the overall development of students. The college publishes the Annual College Magazine ‘Aavishkar’ as well.

National Anthem

Mahatma Basweshwar Mahavidyalaya strives to inculcate patriotism amongst students.Hence, on the working days, the National Anthem is played on the loudspeaker at 11.18 a.m. and students, teachers, non-teaching staff and visitors in the campus are expected to stand in attention in its honour wherever they are. This activity makes our college ‘A College with difference’ in the Marathawada region.

Lecture Series

The college arranges two lecture series - Mahatma Basweshwar Vyakhyanamala and Barlinge Vyakhyanamala for the academic enlightenment every year.The college invites eminent personalities to guide the staff and society on various topics related to spriritual, social, economic, current affairs and cultural aspect. The lectures are opened to the students and the public at large.

Earn and Learn Scheme

Students from economically weaker section and from remote areas enrolled under Earn & Learn scheme of college work part- time in the college premises and also at various places in Latur.Nearabout 25 to 30 students are taking benefit under the scheme and the payment is made to them as per university norms.

Debate Competition

Our college organises Mahatma Jyotiba Phule intercollegiate debate competition every year at the University level to motivate the students to take part in the debate competition and develop the skill of oratory in them.


1 ] English Literary Association
2 ] Marathi Literary Association
3 ] Hindi Literary Association
4 ] Association of History
5 ] Association of Geography
6 ] Association of Philosophy
7 ] Association of Political Science
8 ] Association of Social Science
9 ] Association of Commerce
10 ] Association of Science

These Associations are run by the students and they undertake various activities for the allround development of the students.


1 ] Identity Card is mandatory for the students in the college campus.
2 ] The use of mobiles is prohibited for the students in the campus.
3 ] Chewing tobacco, gutakha and smoking are strictly prohibited in the college campus.
4 ] Dress Code :- The students of Mahatma Basweshwar Mahavidyalaya are expected to attend the college in the uniform as it is mandatory on all working days.
Senior Dress Code :- Shirt Pant
Junior Dress Code :- Shirt Pant